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The Young Seducers DVD

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The Young Seducers DVD
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Stunning and stacked German sex film superstar Ingrid Steeger stars in Erwin C. Dietrich's THE YOUNG SEDUCERS, a rollicking and ribald blast from Euro-erotica's smutty past. 

Framed like a semi-serious minded social issues film, Dietrich's charmingly carnal opus sees a gaggle of tabloid reporters musing over the phenomenon of randy young women targeting dirty old men for sex, with each new scandalous story re-enacted for the audience in frank and explicit ways. Buxom and perpetually horny young lasses seek sex on buses, in classrooms, on the football field, backstage and everywhere and anywhere they can lock their legs around any willing men - and women - who will satisfy their lusts. Plenty of soft-core shagging and exposed female flesh soak the screen in this, the first of three funny and filthy dirty ditties that make up THE YOUNG SEDUCERS trilogy, all of them lensed by the leering eye of legendary Swiss director/producer Dietrich (ROLLS ROYCE BABY, Jess Franco's JACK THE RIPPER and BARBED WIRE DOLLS). 

Full Moon is proud to present this lost erotic curio in a gorgeous, digitally remastered, fully uncut presentation culled from Dietrich's own 35mm negative. THE YOUNG SEDUCERS will rock your world!

Produced, Written & Directed by:

Erwin C. Dietrich


Ingrid Steeger

Evelyne Traeger

Rena Bergen

Katherin Heberle

Claus Jurichs

Wolf Fuchs

Herbert Kluever

Bernd Wilczewski

Margit Cizek

Andreas Mannkopff 

Bernd Zahn

Yvonne Zolliker

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