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Thor The Conqueror DVD

Thor The Conqueror DVD
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In an ancient land, one man ruled...THOR THE CONQUEROR!

A tale of mythology and magic, of how Thor, a legendary god, triumphs over overwhelming odds to great victory and the destruction of his foes. His parents slain at birth, Thor is raised by Etna, the birdman.Taking the beautiful warrior virgin, Ina, as his companion, his exploits lead to a confrontation with Gnut, the slayer of his father.

Blinded, how can Thor overcome Gnut and his horde? Watch the story of Thor, The Conqueror, to this day recalled in legend and in rock drawings.

85 mins


Aspect Ratio: 4x3 


Rating: Not Rated

Year 1983

DVD Format: NTSC

DVD Region: 0

Starring: Conrad Nochols, Maria Romano, Christopher Holm, Malisa Lang, Raf Falcone

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