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Trancers The Squid Pack 3 Blu-ray Set

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The ultimate tancers squidpack !
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Trancers The Squid Pack

The immortal Jack Deth locks, loads and slips through time in pursuit of the zombie-like Trancers and the fiendish maniac who made them in Charles Band's pulse-pounding TRANCERS trilogy! The great Tim Thomerson (DOLLMAN, NEAR DARK) stars as Deth in this trio of action-packed sci-fi mind-benders, filled with humor, horror and wild special effects, collected here to satisfy even the driest of squids!

All three Blu-ray's come packaged together in a special, space-saving 3 Disc Blu-ray case which includes:


Jack Deth is a cop from the future in Los Angeles 2247 and chasing the deadly Whistler who has escaped through time travel to 1985. Whistler turns people into zombie like beings known as TRANCERS…and only Deth can stop them!



Deth is back! Still in the past, Jack Deth must fight a new wave of the zombie like TRANCERS. Jack must find the deadly source of the new Trancers now being led by Whistler’s equally evil brother



Jack Deth, cop from the future is time-jacked back to his time in the year 2247 to help save ‘Angel City’ from a new wave of deadly TRANCERS. To his shock, he finds that the new Trancers are government made and now must find a way to stop them.

TRANCERS: CITY OF LOST ANGELS (bonus feature on disc 1)

Is a short science fiction film that was released on DVD in 2013 and later a bonus addition for other releases of the original Trancers.. It consists of approximately 30 minutes of stock footage lifted from the unreleased 1988 anthology movie, Pulse Pounders, which also featured two other segments. It stars Tim Thomerson who reprises his role as the time journeying cop, Jack Deth, from 1985's Trancers. The film is marketed as a digitally restored lost sequel. The film takes place between Trancers and Trancers II.

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