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Urban Terror 3 DVD Slimline Set

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Urban Terror 3 DVD Slimline Set
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This new collection includes RAGDOLL, KILLJOY 1, and CRYPTZ. All three DVDs come together in a special, space-saving slimline DVD case.



An aspiring teenage rapper uses his Gran's magic powers to help him in his revenge against those who put her in the hospital. When teenage Kwame's grandmother is attacked by thugs, he uses her conjuring powers to fill her old ragdoll with avenging powers. But what he unleashes has a price which he never expects... A thriller in the tradition of the PUPPET MASTER movies.

90 min / Stereo / Wide Screen / Rating: R / 1999



The ghetto gets a horror icon...A clown doll brought to life by black magic tries to kill those responsible for murdering its owner. Deep in an inner city hell, a ghastly figure is killing off the bad guys. A vigilante, or a demon? For the beautiful high school student, JADA, that s the question that will bring her face to face with the killer clown!

72 min / Stereo / Widescreen / Rating: R / 2000



When aspiring rappers Tymez Skwair (Choice Skinner), Fuzzy Down (Rick Irvin), and Likrish (Dennis Waller) cross paths with stripper Stesha (Lunden De'Leon), they follow her to a mysterious strip club where the sexy ladies are really vampires in disguise.

Things go from bad to worse when the vampires' leader Kulada (Ty Badger) finds out that Tymez holds the key to the bloodsuckers' world domination in this urban horror film that plays like "Vampire Strippers in the Hood."

78 mins / Stereo / Wide Screen / Rated R / 2002

DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Region: 0

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