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Vintage VHS Collection #2: Laserblast (signed/numbered)

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The first 300 units sold at FullMoonDirect.com will be SIGNED & NUMBERED by Charles Band!

Full Moon Brings RETRO screaming into the PRESENT with our new VINTAGE VHS COLLECTION series! 

Mining our own history with Charles Band's early 1980's Wizard VHS "Big Box" series of cult movie rental and sell-through releases, Full Moon is excited to announce the new VINTAGE VHS COLLECTION, a gorgeously packaged and presented series that features some of our most beloved titles on DVD and Blu-ray and houses them inside a beautifully designed, "Big Box" VHS case AND includes an exclusive Full Moon figurine in a collectible blister pack.

The VINTAGE VHS COLLECTION is a LIMITED EDITION Series, with only 3000 units being produced of each title. 

Our second VINTAGE VHS COLLECTION release is the original 1978 Sci-Fi cult classic LASERBLAST and INCLUDES:

  • Vintage Laserblast VHS Style Box 
  • Laserblast Blu-ray and DVD Combo Set
  • Laserblast Alien Action Figure Series #1

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