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Wizard Video: Famous T&A (Big Box VHS)

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Wizard Video: Famous T&A (Big Box VHS)
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The amazing BIG BOX Wizard Video Collection! This is truly a rare discovery and little part of the early days of the home video explosion!

Famous T&A: Luminous.  Radiant.  Bewitching.  

"FAMOUS T and A" is an all-star collection of recognizable personalities who have displayed their seductive celebrity skins for the camera.  Now we present these sparkling segments in one erotic omnibus for the appreciative eyes of all.  

Many a star of great magnitude once shed her clothes while she was still a lesser luminary.  Others who are constantly covered on television have revealed all on the big screen.  Buy this cassette and strip a star today!  Illuminating commentary is provided by international superstar Sybil Danning.  

The most fabulously photographed female forms eyes have ever seen.  Living centerfolds who tease and please. Wiggle and walk.  Breathe and leave you breathless. Hypnotic hips that swing and sway.  At work and play. Dream girls in broad daylight and bright movie lights!  Keep your eyes open wide! Here come our intimate disclosures of star exposures! Beautiful women sometimes do extreme things to become famous—but nothing tops when they agree to get naked in front of a camera...exposing their skin for all to see!

74 mins


Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1


Rating: R

Year 1982

DVD Format: NTSC

DVD Region: 0

Starring: Brigitte Bardot -Jacqueline Bisset -Elvira aka Cassandra Peterson -Edy Williams -Vanity -Nastassja Kinski -Ornella Muti -Angela Aames  -Ursula Andress  -Claudia Cardinale  -Phyllis Davis  -And Many Many More!

Directed by: Ken Dixon

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