1. Wizard Video: Space Zombies (Big Box VHS)

Wizard Video: Space Zombies (Big Box VHS)

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Wizard Video: Space Zombies (Big Box VHS)
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The amazing BIG BOX Wizard Video Collection! This is truly a rare discovery and little part of the early days of the home video explosion!


You've lived through the terror of "Dawn of the Dead," and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Now prepare yourself for the ultimate in science-spawned madness: the creation of the SPACE ZOMBIES!

Veteran master of menace John Carradine stars as the fiendish Dr. DeMarco, the demented former chief of Astro Space Laboratories who has created a psychopathic Astro-Man: a zombie-like creature designed to cold-bloodedly rip the vital organs from its victims at DeMarco's command! Soon both the CIA and a network of foreign spies are after DeMarco, pitting themselves against his evil temptress Satanna and her two sadistic henchmen. As the body count rises, both the forces of good and evil descend on DeMarco's mansion of monsters where a bloody shoot-out and a savage space zombie massacre await them!

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