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Wizard Video: The Invisible Dead (Big Box VHS)

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Wizard Video: The Invisible Dead (Big Box VHS)
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The amazing BIG BOX Wizard Video Collection! This is truly a rare discovery and little part of the early days of the home video explosion!

THE INVISIBLE DEAD aka Dr. Orloff's Invisible Monster

A young doctor visiting a rural village senses a fearful uneasiness among the inhabitants. He hears strange rumors of a castle high above the town where an insane scientist is conducting bizarre experiments. The curious doctor decides to investigate... In the castle, the scientist has created an Invisible Man, whom he holds captive for observation. The Invisible Man finally escapes his tormentor and flees, taking the scientist's beautiful daughter as hostage. Death awaits the young doctor at every turn, and tension mounts as he must single-handedly rescue the lovely daughter from the grasp of the scientist's avenging creature.

82 mins

Audio: MONO

Aspect Ratio: Widescreen


Rating: Not Rated

Year 1970


Starring: Howard Vernon   Brigitte Carva  Fernando Sancho  Paco Valladares  Isabel del Río  Evane Hanska

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