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Jess Franco's Voodoo Passion DVD

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Jess Franco's Voodoo Passion DVD
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Complete your Full Moon Jess Franco DVD Collection with, Voodoo Passion DVD! Collect all 10 Remastered DVD's and the spines build a Jess Franco Portrait!

Eurosleaze maverick Jess Franco and producer Erwin C. Dietrich team up again for Voodoo Passion (aka Call of the Blonde Goddess and Porno Shock), a voyeuristic, sex-soaked thriller that veers wildly between reality and fantasy.

Actress Ada Tauler stars as Susan, who arrives in Haiti to live with her new husband Jack (Franco regular Jack Taylor from Female Vampire), who has an apparently unhealthy, possibly incestuous relationship with his sister Olga. Getting lost in a fever dream of sexual delirium, Susan suddenly finds herself lost in a weird world of black magic, clandestine couplings and bloody voodoo rituals, all the while her possibly sinister housekeeper (Muriel Motosse) looks on lustfully. More coherent then many of Franco’s dream-state erotic horror films, Voodoo Passion also stars frequent collaborator Karine Gambier and features a groovy score by Walter Baumgartner (Franco’s Jack the Ripper).

The film is presented fully uncut and digitally remastered from Dietrich’s original negative.

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