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Love Exchange DVD

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Love Exchange DVD
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Jackie (Holly Sampson) and Ben (Eddie Jay) move into a luxurious new home in the affluent neighborhood of Verdana Hills. They are immediately welcomed and befriended by their sexy new neighbor Lizellee (Monique DeMoan) and invited to a pool party to meet the rest of the neighbors in the complex. After meeting Lizette’s husband Lorenzo (Ben Brown) at the pool gathering, Ben is invited and told about a “sexual card game” that allows everyone in the complex to discard their marital inhibitions. Soon both Jackie and Ben are pulled into a world of swingers and lurid sex that threatens the very fibers of their relationship.

Full Frame
Region 0 (free)
Production Year 2001
90 min
Starring: Holly Sampson, Taylor Moore Cheyenne, Eddie Jay, Ben Brown, David Usher

Twilight Entertainment Presents A Surrender Cinema Production
"Love Exchange" Starring Holly Sampson Taylor Moore Cheyenne
Eddie Jay Ben Brown David Usher Richard Neil Shannan Leigh
Tre Temptor Casting By Robert Lombardo Costume Designer Brigit Jones
Music Composed And Performed By The String Brothers Production
Edited By Sandi Kelly Production Designer Monte French
Director Of Photography Gary Graver Produced By Pat Siciliano
Written By Louise Monclair Directed By Madison Monroe

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