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T&A Time Travelers DVD

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T&A Time Travelers DVD
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Strap on HARD and TIGHT for the ultimate pleasure trip through LUST, SPACE and TIME! Watch as forbidden time travelers journey through history and the ‘Final Frontier’ of sexual pleasures.  History has never been this NAUGHTY or this HOT in this trilogy of T&A TIME TRAVELERS.


SADDLE VIXENS: While travelling through a western ghost town, two lusty and beautiful women stumble upon a mirror that transports them to the ‘Old West’. When the girls are mistaken for prostitutes, the girls take advantage and get ALL their naughty parts explored. TIME LOVERS: In the future, Daria attempts to travel back to pre-revolutionary France to rescue her lover Leon who fell through a time portal. But it is no easy task as they travel though ancient Arabia, 1920’s gangland Chicago and eventually the FUTURE! It is lust through time! SPACE LUST: A male & female duo must travel through time and space to save their beloved time-traveling program. But their time machine has other plans! The travelers end up sharing more than ‘space’ with some of history's most famous personalities.


1 hr 57 mins





Region Free

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